Dependants of 457 Visa Holders



​In 2015 the Western Australian Government introduced a tuition fee for families on 457 Visas (temporary skilled workers) whose children attend public schools in this state. The fee is $4000 per family each year, regardless of the number of children a family have enrolled in public schools.

The tuition fee for current and new enrolments in primary and secondary public schools is effective from January 2015.

How do I pay the fee?
You will receive an invoice for $4,000 from Education and Training International, the state government agency responsible for overseas fee paying students attending Western Australian public schools. You can elect to pay the tuition fee upfront or in instalments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) via direct debit. 

There is no restriction on who pays the tuition fee – for example, your employer can pay the fe​e. 

What if I am not/ no longer eligible to pay the fee?​
You will no longer be eligible to pay the fee if:

  • your children leave the public school system
  • your visa status changes or
  • you gain Permanent Residency

You must notify your children's schools of the change to your status.

ETI will notify you if you are eligible to apply for a refund for any payments you have made in advance.

​Pay the fee online​​

This payment option only applies to 457 visa holders.

Am I eligible to apply for a hardship provision? 

There are two financial hardship provisions. 

1. If your combined family income is $75 000 or less (gross) a year, you are eligible to apply for a fee exemption. The waiver is not ongoing. You will need to apply each year and produce evidence to support your application.

2. Unforeseen changes that impact on your financial circumstances including illness, unemployment, family breakdown and death.

Applications will be considered on a case by case basis and any arrangement only applies for the period where you do not have to pay the tuition fee; it is not ongoing. You will need to provide evidence to support your application.

More Frequently Asked Questions​

You can find translated information sheets, letters to parents and answers to ​relevant frequently asked questions on the 457 FAQ page​.

Download PDF Forms

The above online payment methods will receive priority processing, ahead of the PDF form submissions below.

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